First time we spoke with the couple was an ordinary wedding conversation. When we met them in person, we saw two people in love trusting to us the importance of their big day! And then this day has come… Everything was so perfect, taking care of every detail for the whole day! Starting of the groom’s photoshoot, where he and his friends made it funnier than ever! Elisavet was so stunning in her wedding robe looking ourĀ  lens with her emotional green eyes. Such an intense day for everyone, following a party with traditional greek dancing. After a few hours, almost no one left the dancefloor, they continued with their ”crazy” party, trying to film every second of it! We worked for at least 15hours with Spiro & Elisavet and still we enjoyed their smiles and funny mood! Our After Wedding photoshoot took place in Pantavrexei, one of the most breathtaking nature miracles in Greece, every shot looked like a fairytale has become true. Even if someone says that 1 picture is like 1.000 words, for these two is much more words full of feelings!

Happily ever after Spiro & Elisavet!

Wedding Decor by Lena Kaponi Flowers

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